Friday, March 23, 2007

How Will This Work?

I wanna make a movie (and who doesn't) but I only have a few, barely rounded-out ideas. I know I want the opening credits to feature Zombie's "More Human than Human" and the closing credits will fade out as "White Flag" by Dido plays (already contributed by a friend of mine).

Other than that, I have a few "must use" lines, but not much more. So, if i can rally a buncha creative friends who, no doubt, also have some movie ideas, scenes, and dialogue ...well. I contend a movie will write itself. I'll edit all the ideas into a manusrcipt and start pitching it to studios.

Have an idea? Start "commenting" via the link at the bottom of this entry. As this post and its comments start to cement an idea, I'll organize it a little and create another post - to keep us "on point."

So ...let's hear it. Plot? Climax? Twist? Cameos? Start anywhere.